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Engage Your Audience In These Challenging Times with Personalized Communication

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic introduces an unprecedented challenge to most brands and business worldwide. In addition to the growing human tragedy due to the spreading disease, most people are forced to change their way of life, stay home and take care of their close family and their basic needs. For many brands this period brings a massive slowdown in the business activity, and business owners have to calculate their next steps in the weeks and months to come in order to survive this period and be able to get their business back to full activity when the crisis is over.

One of the most important assets for most brands is obviously their customers, and in specific their regular / loyal customers. Most brands have invested enormous efforts to build and grow a loyal customer base, and it is essential to maintain this 'asset' throughout the crisis, so the business can continue functioning as before when the crisis ends.

Maintain your customers loyalty throughout the crisis by engaging and communicating with them in an authentic, caring and personalized way.

  • Show your customers you care about them and understand their misery.

  • Share with them your authentic challenges to serve them as before.

  • Convey a message of hope, confidence and optimism.

  • If possible continue offering them your products or services, e.g. - via digital channels or home delivery. A special discount or free delivery would help!

  • Communicate in a personalized way to increase customers' attention. A personalized video message is a great way to achieve this!

I want to finish this first blog post wishing us all to cross this period with minimal negative impact on our health and businesses!

For us, launching the new Vyuz Personalized Marketing Videos solution at this period is also a great opportunity to support other businesses - so if you need help communicating with your customers in a personalized engaging way just let me know via .

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